The Pyrate Ship is home to the U.S. Milk Drinking Team™, Milk Hall of Fame™ and all the Superduper Boys™, Superduper Girls™ and Rescue Scouts™ who sit up straight, eat their vegetables, love and listen to the adults who care for them. We teach them responsibility and safety. Always safety first! We provide them with time tested learning and discipline to help them to make the proper and correct choices in life.

Christian shows his latest LEGO Monster Truck modification
Bethany provides girls from around the world with tips and tricks for preschool fashion

Here is Christians’s first LEGO Modification Video

They are the U.S. Milking Team™ & Milk Hall of Fame™ of today. They are America’s Heroes of Tomorrow®.moo!

Here are our two Superduper Boys (Scout and Hunter) and our Superduper Girl (Bethany)
Click HERE to see all the gratuitous cute photos of our children.

Let’s start an adventure. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Need some rescuing?
Do we need to be back by bedtime or are we gonna have a sleep over?
Yes, our son’s names are Scout and Hunter. Scout, as in “Boy Scout” and Hunter, as in “one who hunts”.
Bethany is named for Bethany Beach, Delaware, where, I proposed to Jen.

New! – Metal Detectorists you say? Yes! I said Metal Detectorists! Our children are training and will
become certified Metal Detectorists. (We are creating a certification program for all children and
teens which will introduce them to the awesomeness which is metal detecting).

We will work with them to find “pyrate treasure” and hordes of gold and jewels.
We will teach them that “from what the earth gives them; they will give back to the people of the earth”.

We will teach them that their treasure will have value. Our children will auction some of their findings and do
2 things with their bounty before they buy something for themselves.

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